Shaniwarwada, Pune

On the night of every new moon a fort in India becomes a place of horror. Where local people often hear a sound “KAKA MALA VACHWA” (uncle save me) from the Fort in the new moon night. Where the spirit till now utters its last words of his past mortal life. This is the story of the Shaniwarwada Fort in Pune. On 30 January, 1730 Saturday the ceremonial foundation of the Fort was started. Shaniwarwada name came from Word Saniwar (Saturday).

Haunted History behind Shaniwarwada

Shaniwarwada fort, PuneBehind the Fort's paranormal activities there are story of the assassination, greed for power and betrayal. Madhavrao , Vishwasrao and Narayanrao was three sons of Peshwa Nanashaheb. After the death of Pesha Nanashaheb in the third battle of Panipath Madhavrao succeeded as Peshwa. During the war of third Panipath Vishwasrao accepted death. After death of Vishwasrao Madhavrao also died in broken heart for his brother. Narayanrao had been just sixteen years old then. He became Peshwa on that very young age. Due to his age his uncle Raghunathrao was in charge of state on behalf of young nephew.

Raghunathrao's wife Anandibai became very jealous. She had the burning desire to be the queen of State. With time situation becoming worse than ever . Narayanrao started to control the power of Raghunathrao and arrested him in his house.
Narayanrao had a bitter relationship with Gardi, the hunting tribe. Raghunathrao's wife Anandibai used this and sent a signed letter from Raghunathrao to the chief of Gardi. But in the original letter Raghunathrao wrote to Gardi chief Sumer Singh Gardi to capture Narayanrao but cruel Anandibai change just one letter and it became the message to kill Narayanrao . Sumner Singh sent a group of assassins who entered in the room of sleeping Narayanrao at night removing all securities. Narayanrao woke up and understood he was going to be killed. He ran towards Raghunathrao' chamber and shouted to him "Uncle save me". But he was caught by assassins and brutally assassinated by them. Hacked into pieces and then dumped in the river.
The Ghost of the young Peshwa still now resides in there with his painful agony. Every new moon night he cries for saving him.

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