Delhi Cantt

Delhi Cantt is one of the three statutory towns that make up the National Capital Territory of Delhi.These cantonments were originally established by the British Indian Army. With few strange incidences and bizarre events, this has become one of the most eerie places in Delhi. So here goes this real Indian ghost story.

Delhi Cantt area is full of green lush trees and haunted forests. It is reported that this place is haunted by a vengeful spirit of the lady clad in white sari asking for lift from the motorists.

The eyewitness recounts: ""there is a lady in pure white sari .. who sometimes appears .. othertimes disappears while walking …she knocks the doors of the cars passing through that road … even if the car is running at a high speed … she'll run along and knock the door of your car .. If you stop the car you are gone. Shocking!"

Hundreds of people have seen that lady.
till then 15 people have died.
Everyone is Strictly advised in delhi Cant,not to stop the car if someone asks for lift...Scary

There is another true Indian ghost story which says that a woman in white dress roams around the Ashok Vihar flyover between 1am and 4am. Anyone who passes by at that hour, and stops to ask her for directions, will not find their way home that night. Their vehicles break down or they go around in circles. She is also been spotted under a fig tree in Dwarka Sector 9 and in Andheria (Mor) Modh, where call-centre employees and their cab drivers are strictly advised against pulling over to have a chat. Sometimes, she appears in the middle of the road, only to disappear under the wheels.

Delhi cantonment road really a terrifying place for those had seen this eerie ghost lady. Many drivers on the night had gone through the nightmare with her memory. More than 100 of people have seen that lady then 10-12 people have died. The lady ghost often appears and disappears in front of the eyes of victims, those who had her experience. They felt she often tried to make them nervous and horrified. Even she knocked the door if the car raises its speed too. Some people claim maybe that lady died in a car accident or maybe she was a hitchhiker in her life. Anyway, everyone in that particular area is strictly advised, not to stop the vehicle if someone asks for a lift. With this strange incidence, that area becomes one of the scariest places in Delhi and gets this real Indian ghost story

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