The Jodhpur Boom

JODHPUR: A deafening sound heard at 11.25 am in Jodhpur on Monday sent panic waves among the residents. The incident prompted people to enquire from the control room about any explosion. Initially, rumours spread about a "sonic boom" or an ammunition accident in army area but defence personnel denied it.

On being contacted, defence spokesperson Col SD Goswami, refused any such explosion in army area. As far as Air Force is concerned, they are trying to ascertain the facts with regard to a sonic boom, he said.

Sonic boom is a sound associated with the shock waves created by an object travelling through the air faster than the speed of sound. A sonic boom generates enormous amount of sound energy, much like an explosion.

As per rules, no sonic boom should take place in township areas. It can happen beyond 60 km from town areas when an aircraft carries out a test flight. According to Col Goswami, such explosion in township area can lead to damage to properties like crumbling of window panes etc.

Jodhpur is a quite little town in Rajasthan,India.It is very famous for its tourist spots in and around the town.But if anything mysterious didn’t happen it would not make its place in this blog , so this is what hapenned there.

On December 18th,2012 a defeaning boom was heard which sent shockwaves of panic all across the town. It seemed to come out of nowhere and crashed into the sky.

The source of his boom is a complete mystery.The air force denied anything related to this.The most mysterious part is that booms like were taking place all over the world in this very month.

From the US to UK! A few geologists state that the seismic readings are nothing like before.I could be anything which could be causing the booms.But one day we will surely find out because nothing can stay a mystery forever

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