Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie

Mussorie:  On the Mussorie hilltop, one can see a majestic and grand hotel- ‘Hotel Savoy’. The hotel was built by Cecil D. Lincoln, the Irishman who was a barrister in Lucknow.It took 5 years to build the grand hotel that had a majestic dining hall with Edwardian furniture, grand pianos, billiard-tables, barrels of cider, crates of champagne and other materials.  
It was finally ready in 1902. The hotel became known for its dining hall and ball room. 
It was a favorite holiday destination for the royal elites who stayed there. 

Wealthy princes, queens preferred staying over the hotel as it was a grand affair.

The hotel is said to be the spookiest of the hotels in India.  It was in the summer of 1911, Miss Frances Garnett-Orme, a 49-year-old spiritualist, had come to stay at the hotel with her companion from Lucknow, Miss Eva Mountstephen, a fellow spiritualist who specialized in seances and crystal-gazing.

One night Miss Frances Garnett-Orme was found dead under mysterious circumstances in the hotel. It was later found that her death happened due to poisoning but her murderer is still not found. 
Another death happened in the hotel; Betsy Ward passed away in a bath tub in room 505 which is still not preferred by the visitors who come to stay here and are aware of its history. 

During renovation, a gun was found hidden inside the walls of the room.Witnesses have found mysterious activities, spooky noises, inside the hotel. Her ghost has reportedly been seen aimlessly walking the halls of her old hotel.

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dam i know this place very well... but its strange that the gun was found but wouldn't fount the killer...