Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Ramoji film city is situated in Hayathnagar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. It is the second largest integrated film city next to Prayag Film City of Kolkata. It is also a popular tourism center containing both natural and artificial attractions including an amusement park. The facility was opened in 1996 by a producer named Ramoji Rao.

Every year, the studios attracts over a million tourists and creates revenues in billions of rupees. Located at the entrance of the film city are the 3-star hotel, Tara and a 5-star hotel, Sitara for the film production units as well as for tourists. Once inside, there is Hawa Mahal, an intricate miniature Golconda Fort, which is on a hilltop from which one can have a Bird's-eye view of the whole studio. The vintage Film City coaches shuttle visitors around the studios on a guided tour. There are several settings in the studios which lead the visitors from streets of the Mauryan Empire or the Mughal Empire or even the American Old West. There's also the famous Hollywood sign displayed on the hills at the studios.

So the story take a turn here. Some sources (don't ask me who it is) say that the film city has been built upon the war grounds of Nizam Sultans (sorry I'm not that good in history and hence not much clue about those Sultans). Few witnesses reportedly said that they had seen lights kept on top falling off, the guys who sit on the top holding the lights were pushed down and many had severe injuries. Majority of the incidents say that the so called Ghosts are "settled" in the hotels. The food left in rooms get scattered around, strange script-like marks left on the mirrors which resembles Urdu, the language used by the Sultans.

One funny (or scary) part of it is that the ghosts' favorites are girls (yeah..what you're thinking is right, ghost hunting ghosts). They trouble girls so much that they even tear their clothes, knock the bathroom doors from out side,, and shadows in the changing rooms (crazy ghosts).These stories though well known are not revealed officially due to business reasons

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