Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavla

Mumbai - The Financial and Entertainment capital of India. It is a city where every Indian foresees an opportunity to grow, a metro where every Indian believes that his dream would come true, and an urban which generates highest revenue for the nation, approximately 5% of GDP and 25% of industrial output. A place where even the smallest of episode takes it superlative form, how would an incidence of such serious enormity remain unsaid? So, which incidence are we talking about?

This dreadful thing happened in one of the spooky places named Raj Kiran Hotel in Lonavala, a popular hill station located in Pune district, and a preferred weekend getaway for people from Pune as well as Mumbai. This hotel is not so big, but surely one of the top haunted destinations in India. One room in the lodge has been stated to be haunted. There have been reports by the guests that bed sheets have being pulled off while they slept. Some of them have woken up in the midst of dark nights with a ray of blue light at their feet. These people have gone through mental therapies after staying in that room. It is said that something really-really creepy goes-on inside the room during the nights which frightens the people. Ghostly apparitions keep floating in this room. The room is in the corner and behind the reception on the ground floor. As a result of these reports the room has stopped being rented out and mostly kept vacant. 

When I got to know about such incidences taking place, I just imagined some flop-horror-Bollywood movie failing terribly to scare the audiences. Jokes Apart! When I seriously tried to give it a serious thought, few things came up to my mind. A small paranormal activity happening in a small room of a not-so-famous hotel, why was it given such an importance? Ain’t worth it, right? Wrong! Any paranormal activity can never be quantified in terms of big and small. Doesn’t matter if it happens in a huge city or a small village coz anything that is beyond natural, is significant. In this scenario, evidences are many but proofs are none. So called victims are many, but eye witnesses are none. Any non-believer of apparitions may be free to call this as a competitor’s trick to achieve that competitive edge, or any other reason to create a story of haunted hotels in India to frighten the people. The fact no one would be able to deny is that these incidences have hampered the business of Raj Kiran Hotel.

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