Karni Mata Mandir Bikaner

This temple is located in Deshnoke, 30 kms from Bikaner, Rajasthan. This is famous as Rat Temple. The rats are very sacred in this temple. There are many 1000s of rats here. These rats are considered as holy and not as pests. It is believed that there are around 20,000 rats here. They are seen everywhere. Neither the rats nor the devotees are scared of each other. Devotees and rats share a special bond.

This place is free of Plague or any other contagious diseases. There is a popular belief that the rats are the incarnations of dead ancestors of Charan clans and when rats die, they are born as humans. The Karni Mata protects these rats. They are considered as the holiest rats. Although, there are around 20000 rats here no one to this date has seen any baby rats. Any given day, they all are of same size, shape, weight and height. There are many white rats as well.

No other temples have these many rats anywhere. This temple is always filled with devotees. When these rats climb on you or have your prasadam it is considered as blessings. If one kills a rat here, one needs to replace it with a gold or silver Khaba of same size, shape, height and weight. When rats die, they usually produce a foul smell and this is an universal truth, however when rats die here, they do not produce any foul smell at all. There is no foul odor whatsoever. When a Rat dies there will be a birth in her tribe. This is beautifully timed. This is definitely a wonder. 

Karni Mata was born on 2nd October 1387 in Suwap, Rajasthan. She was the 7th child of Mehoji Charan and his wife Deval Devi. Her real name was Ridhubhai. She is believed as an incarnation of Durga. She was the goddess Bikaner and Jodhpur Kingdoms. She had blessed them with prosperity, peace and good health. To this date there is no outbreaks of any epidemics in Bikaner in spite of having that many rats! Ganga Singh Bickner built the temple in the 15th century. The temple is heavily influenced by mogul architecture. The entire temple is built with beautiful white marble. He also gifted a Silver door. Initially there were no idols or temple just few footprints. However, now the temple has a sacred sanctum, an idol where she holds a “trisul’’ and of course a lot of rats!!

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