Parrot Island in Andman: Delight for Bird Lovers

The Parrot Island, part of Baratang islands is a natural habitat for parrots in this region. Thousands of parrots returning home before every sunset is a unique and must see view for all nature lovers. It is a must visit place for people touring the Baratang islands.

It is recommended to start off early morning for Baratang Island. Baratang Island is located at about 100 Km off the Capital city of Port Blair on the NH 223 (known as Andaman Trunk Road) towards Diglipur.

This island has dense Tropical Forests of all types ranging from tidal swamp forest to Evergreen to littoral forests laced with sandy beaches along its coast at Baludera, Roglachang etc.
Parrot island is reached through a small boat at around, so and mostly visited in the evenings as we can see the thousands of parakeets (mixed group) roost in this island every night. Time can be spent by visiting lime cave and mud volcano in Baratang Island.

The boat ride is for 30 minutes but it is an awesome experience to sit in a tiny boat and ride in such a harsh sea. The boat ride is very enjoyable. Parrot Island is a very small island.

As you approach nearer, you will see a uniquely different group of Mangrove trees that looks more like an evenly cut Mangrove garden. On this lovely, dense island, each evening thousands of parrots flock together and roost here. They leave this island next morning. What is striking is that the mangroves on this island are trimmed from time to time by the parrots themselves using their beaks in a near-perfect manner.

Usually the boats are stopped at around 500 mts from Parrot Island. Parrot Island is a very small piece of mangrove right in the middle of nowhere. You can see that this particular patch of mangrove had been neatly pruned by the birds and looked close to a just plucked, tea garden! Why just this patch? Only questions no answers.

They know that as the sun sets, a group of about five parrots flies over Parrot Island and leaves. Then comes a similar group which the locals say comes for an initial inspection. And then within ten minutes we see birds coming over from all the directions and settle down in the forest. It is a mesmerizing experience. The landing of parrots can be viewed from boats and it's an incredible experience to watch such a huge number of parrots landing here.

The quite sea is still silent but the silent island is now a roosting ground for many parakeets. The birds that come to Parrot Island are called parakeets as they are varied groups.

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