Mattur: A Village Where People Converse in Sanskrit

Sanskrit is one Indian language, which has almost become ancient for us now. Seriously, who speaks in Sanskrit nowadays? Apart from a few Sanskrit scholars, and of course schoolbooks, Sanskrit has lost its identity among the ‘modern us’.

In fact, even the Sanskrit scholars and teachers prefer a different language (a more common one) to converse. Many people say and we read that Sanskrit is the purest of all languages that our Gods used to speak and that Hindi is derived from Sanskrit. Adding to it, many foreigners visit and stay in Indian ashrams to learn the language that has become yesterday for us.

However, saying that Sanskrit has completely vanished from our societal systems will not be completely true. The shocking fact that we are going to share with you now will completely undo whatever we have said above. Did you know that there is a village called Mattur in Karnataka, India, where people even today converse in Sanskrit? Surprised? We couldn't believe too because most of us merely used to get passing marks in Sanskrit and then there is a village where people speak Sanskrit as a native.

Mattur, a culturally rich village on the banks of the river Tunga in Karnataka, is now famous across India as the 'Sanskrit village'. Here, even the vegetable vendor speaks in Sanskrit. Villagers use Sanskrit here for their day-to-day conversation and not just during poojas. Yes, Sanskrit is the language of the commoner in this village

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