Hoggenakal Falls

Known as the Niagara of India; Hogenakkal Falls on the Kaveri River (also known as Cauvery) in Dharampuri district of Tamil Nadu. The Carbonatite rocks found near the waterfall are one of the oldest in the world.

The name of the waterfall has been derived from two Kannada words – ‘hoge’ meaning smoke and ‘kal’ meaning rock because the mist created by water hitting the rocks creates a feeling of smoke emanating from the rocks. It is also called as Marikottayam by the locals.

The water drops from an elevation of about 65 ft at its highest point and from 15 ft at its lowest point. The waterfalls cannot be reached via road; a boat-ride from the last motorable point takes you near the waterfall. Coracles can be hired to get closer to the waterfall.

Boatmen row the coracles into the gorge as there is no place from where you can have a good wide view of Hogenakkal Falls. Boating is allowed only after the monsoon has passed because the current in the water is negligible during the dry season and it doesn’t disrupt boating.

The river near the falls is a good place to try your swimming skills as the water has some current here. The hills near the falls have many trails where adventure seekers can go trekking in the Melagiri Hills. You can relax while getting a massage from the Hogenakkal masseurs who have an array of oils and powders to rejuvenate your body.

At Hogenakkal, the Kaveri River creates numerous waterfalls that flow through the rocky terrain. The water from the fall flows towards the Mettur Dam which is also known as the Stanley Reservoir.

The best time to visit Hogenakkal Falls is from August to May right after the monsoon. The monsoon months should be avoided as boating is not allowed and reaching the falls is also dangerous due to the slippery conditions. Some tourists prefer going to the falls during winter, which is the off-season time, to avoid the huge crowds. During winter, the temperature ranges from 13 to 27 degree Celsius whereas during summer the temperature ranges from 23 to 34 degree Celsius.

There are many lodges and mid-range options of accommodation in Dharampuri. It is advisable to carry food and water when visiting the falls. Hogenakkal bus stand is nearest point from the falls where you can get snacks and refreshments.

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