Drang Drung Glacier, Near Kargil

22km long Drang-Drung-Glacier is the largest glacier accessible to tourists in the Ladakh region. In fact Drang Drung is located in heights of Zanskar. Drang Drung glacier is the source of Doda River and one can trek upto the glacier from Padum. the Stod river also has its source at the Drang Drung glacier. Drang Drung glacier can also be seen from the Pensi La pass. Pensi-la (Pensi Pass) almost midway between Padum and Rangdum. The glacier in fact looks like a winding river from Pensi la, the difference being that instead of water its a river of ice. Drang Drung is one of the major attractions of Zanskar region and augments the chanrm of this adventure junky paradise!

The three day voyage from Leh Zanskar valley is crammed with natural marvels like stunning glaciers, spectacular mountain ranges and fruit orchards. A glacier is a big, sluggish stream of ice, bent from trampled sheets of snow, that gradually distorts and surges in accordance with gravity. One among the biggest glaciers in India, Drang-Drung Glacier offers the picturesque scenery of the snow capped mountain peaks of the Himalayas.

A lengthy and meandering river of snow and ice, "Drang-Drung" glacier in Ladakh. It is from the cliff-like proboscis of this all-embracing glacier that the Stod or Doda offshoot of the Zanskar River heaves at an elevation of 14500 feet of Pensi La, the Drung Durung glacier looks gorgeous and awe inspiring.

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