Saputara : Gushing Waterfalls

Gujarat is one of the diverse state of India where be it tradition, culture, palaces, long barren desert or festivals, everything here is unique. With so many things to explore here, one more place that attracts visitors is the Saputara Hill Station. Saputara, literally the ‘abode of serpents’, is best known hill resort ,at the height of 875 metres, saputara offers a pleasant climate and panoramic view of lush green Dang forest. Nesting at around 1,000 meters in the southern part of Gujrat, Saputara a densly wooded hill station is blessed with placid lake, waterfalls, natural trails, ropeway which offers a panoramic view, a fort, temples, a museum and even a bee centre. Saputara becomes even more beautiful in the monsoon & is a perfect place for a quick get-away, picnic or even a short holiday. It is an ideal place to escape from the hustling bustling city life giving peace of mind and serenity. Saputara helps in the restoration of youthful features to fluvial landscapes amidst the green woods.

The main attraction of the Saputara hill station is the Saputara Lake where the tourists can hire the sailboats, paddleboats and rowing boats to enjoy the lake and lakeside recreational activities through boating. There are several gardens at Saputara such as the lake garden, step garden and rose garden as on the banks of the river are always loaded with various flowers and are the perfect place to laze around in the vacations. Various attraction places has made Saputara a destination of Indian tourists along with the foreigner as the tourists. The ropeway which is run by the Hotel Vaity is a tremendous experience almost floating and overlooking the scenic vista of the bordered greenery with mountains peeping high

According to the legends, Lord Shri Ram had spent 11yrs from his exile in this place. The name of Saputara is extracted from the image of snake on the banks of the river Sarpagana which is worshipped by the adivasis on the holi festivals.

Lying in a densely forested plateau in the Sahyadri Range, Saputara holds the distinction of being the only hill station in Gujarat. This picturesque hill station will provide the beautiful scene of Sahyadari Mountain. Visitors can enjoy the cool air breezing from the Sahyadari peak even during the hot summer season. The surrounding of the hill station is covered with thick forest where tribal people reside. The sunset and sunrise from Saputara give the most panoramic and varied views of sun.

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