Mizoram, also known as the land of blue mountains, is known for its picturesque beauty. Standing aloof from the adjacent plains of Assam and the other neighbouring states, Mizoram remains an exotic location sharing more than one-third of its boundry with Bangladesh and Mynmar.

It is a state sandwiched between the mighty Himalayan foothills and the plateau of Meghalaya. Aizawl is the capital of Mizoram, dotted with quaint timber houses and a profusion of flowers. Each house has its own window box of profusely blooming orchids. The air is invigorating and pure. The streets echo with melodies emanating from the guitars of Aizawl youth playing at nearly every street corner.

Mizoram has an endless variety of landscape with rich flora and fauna, clusters of whispering pines and quaint villageswith houses on stilts. The scintillating grandeur of its dense tropical forests, verdant green paddy fields and admirable vineyards showcases the gifts that Mother Nature has bestowed Mizoram with. Mizoram has a moderate and pleasant climate throughout the year and is an idyllic land of great natural beauty having rich variety of flora and fauna. Mizoram is blessed with the most variegated hilly terrain in the eastern part of India. The hills are steep and separated by rivers which flow either to the north or south creating deep gorges between the hill ranges. Nature has bestowed Mizoram with numerous rivers like Tlawang, Sonai, Tuivai, Kolodyne and Karnafulli. 

Mizoram is a treat for any tourist while traveling on the straight roads coursing through the thick forests and vibrant villages. Mizoram tourism has plenty to offer for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The state is emerging as a major eco tourism and adventure tourism destination in Northeast India. During the last five years, Mizoram tourism received a good number of domestic as well as international tourists from all parts of the world. Mizoram as a destination has much to offer. The Mizos are very friendly and hospitable. English is commonly spoken. The joyful enthusiasm and the gregarious spirit of the local populace has been are the main reasons for establishing some of the most attractive tourism features in this beautiful state. Just chill in the lovely, nature fresh , naturally air conditioned weather, understand the local culture and way of living, soak in the peace and tranquility and unwind for a while. Mizoram tourism has identified several destinations and tourism circuits for infrastructure, accommodation and other developments .

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