The Stoneman Serial Killer

The Stoneman is so far the most elusive and mysterious serial killer in the Indian crime history. The police found no clues and to date does not even know whether it was the work of one man, a group or even if it was a man or a woman. Between the years 1985-87, 12 pavement dwellers were killed while in sleep.

Residents of the Sion and Matunga area were terrified by the killings. People, who walked early in the morning as a routine, were afraid to leave their houses. Speculations rose as the Sion area is a hub of tantric rituals and people often come across leftovers from tantric processes on the street. Police were puzzled by these killings and did not have much evidence to work with. A victim was identified as an eye witness, who was lucky enough to escape the attack. The sole survivor could not provide any help, as the attack happened in a dimly lit area and did not catch a glimpse of the killer.

One theory was that the killer was operating on the instructions of a tantric to attain spiritual goals. However, this theory was disputed as the modus operandi was to crush the face and not decapitation. Later, a movie was made on this theory which claimed to reveal new evidence that was initially covered up by the police. The police and the director of the film both agreed that the movie was a work fiction based on reality.

Kolkata police profiled him to be a well-built man of good height. Despite the increase in patrol in both Mumbai and Kolkata, the killer was not found. The crime rate dropped to a considerable extent but the Stoneman still eluded the police and was never found.

The Stoneman murders remain the most mysterious cases to have never been solved even though there was an eye witness. Police could not determine as to what made the sniffer dogs lose the trace. The case spread mass hysteria in Mumbai and Kolkata leading to beliefs that the murders were the work of a supernatural entity. With the geographic factors, the only thing to come up in my research is that all the attacks happened in areas with high concentration of Bangladeshi immigrants.

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